How We Help

ECCO stands for Elbert County Coalition Outreach. There are many ways ECCO is funded, and many beneficiaries of ECCO’s resources. 

Anyone in a crisis situation qualifies for ECCO’s help. On a day to day basis, ECCO assists low income residents in a number of ways. Through the storefront, ECCO provides clothing, shoes, household goods, etc… at low or no cost depending on the situation or need. Sales to every day shoppers looking for great deals provides ECCO with retail income that further helps the community. 

Local business and community support is a huge part of ECCO’s success! Whether it’s from receiving donated merchandise for the storefront, day old bread from a local bakery, word of mouth and social media to promote ECCO or local volunteers helping with various events and community fundraisers, ECCO can accomplish great things when partnering with local businesses and receiving community support.

How do funds get dispersed? ECCO takes applications through our “Hand Up Coordinator Program.” A “Citizens Committee” decides on a distribution structure for larger fund distributions (ie the Forest Ridge Fire.)

Interested in volunteering for one or more of ECCO’s community projects? Interested in donating or setting up an ECCO fundraiser through your company? Know someone who needs our assistance and is afraid to ask? Contact us by phone or stop by the store to find out more!